The Society was formed in 1929. Initially it aimed to foster the spirit of gardening in Australia’s very new national capital so that Canberra might become a ‘garden city’. The Society has been involved in many activities over the years including: seed distribution to members, planning the National Rose Garden, garden and flower competitions, public talks, floral displays, as well as the present day Shows, demonstration gardens, and production of The Canberra Gardener.


The society is an incorporated society under ACT law. Click on the link to view our Constitution

Management of the Society

The Society is governed by a council. The council meets monthly, and is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in August each year.

Office Bearers


The Bulletin is the Society’s quarterly journal for members. It contains reports and news of Society activities, seasonal gardening notes, plant reviews and feature articles by experts in the horticultural field. The Bulletin is issued in January, April, July and October, and is posted to members.

Copies of the Bulletin, from Issue 338 (November 2011 to January 2012) to Issue 365 (August to October 2018), are now available online from the National Library of Australia. Later copies will be available online six months after their publication. Search for the Bulletin by going to the National Library's Trove collection or use the following links:

Issue 338 Nov 2011- January 2012
Issue 339 Feb-April 2012
Issue 340 May-July 2012
Issue 341 August-Oct 2012

Issue 342 Nov 2012- January 2013
Issue 343 Feb-April 2013
Issue 344 May-July 2013
Issue 345 August-Oct 2013

Issue 346 Nov 2013-January 2014
Issue 347 Feb-April 2014
Issue 348 May-July 2014
Issue 349 August-Oct 2014

Issue 350 Nov 2014-January 2015
Issue 351 Feb-April 2015
Issue 352 May-July 2015
Issue 353 August-Oct 2015

Issue 354 Nov 2015-January 2016
Issue 355 Feb-April 2016
Issue 356 May-July 2016
Issue 357 August-Oct 2016

Issue 358 Nov 2016-January 2017
Issue 359 Feb-April 2017
Issue 360 May-July 2017
Issue 361 August-October 2017

Issue 362 Nov 2017-January 2018
Issue 363 Feb-April 2018
Issue 364 May-July 2018
Issue 365 August-October 2018

Gardening and Flower Groups

The Society works closely with a number of specialist groups in the ACT, including the Daffodil Association of NSW/ACT Inc, the Dahlia Society of NSW/ACT Inc, The Floral Art Guild of the ACT Inc and the Orchid Society of Canberra Inc. Members of these groups play a vital role through participation in the Society’s Flower Shows, while Society members and members of the Daffodil Association of NSW/ACT are creating new trial gardens adjacent to the CIT, Bruce.

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