Canberra Gardener

The tenth edition of The Canberra Gardener is in the shops now!

The emphasis throughout the book is on

- minimal use of insecticides and fungicides;

- best practices in preparing and maintaining the soil;

- mulching and watering techniques; and

choosing the most appropriate plants for your situation.                                 

The book retains the familiar format of the ninth edition but has around 380 full-colour photos. The front cover features Correa ‘Canberra Bells’, chosen as the plant to mark Canberra’s centenary in 2013.

It has been written especially for Canberra conditions and draws on the gardening experience of a team of expert and enthusiastic local gardeners.

This newly revised edition pays special attention to gardening with less water and we now know that we can produce beautiful gardens with much less water.  

Changing conditions have resulted in many new gardeners having to create a garden in a much smaller space and our chapter on design provides plenty of help.

Many more Canberrans are choosing to grow their own produce and with our revised calendar and updated fruit and vegetable chapters, this should be a whole lot easier.


Please contact for enquiries about wholesale sales of The Canberra Gardener.

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