THE ROSE GARDEN - part one

Recommended large-flowered or hybrid tea roses.

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Recommended roses for Canberra.

Members of the Society maintain a rose garden in the grounds of the Xeriscape Garden, Weston adjacent to the CIT School of Horticulture. This is open to visitors at weekends from spring through to the end of April. There you will see many different roses and at spe-cial times of the year there are demonstrations, talks and conducted tours of the garden.

Members attend a working bee on the last Saturday morning of each month to maintain the garden, and if you would like any information on roses, you will always find someone there that morning who will be happy to help. New members are always welcome.

Included below is a list of roses all of which are good healthy fragrant roses and ideal for Canberra’s conditions. Many of the roses recommended here and in the Canberra Gardener may be found at the Xeriscape Rose Garden, but for more specific information on the culture of roses, refer to the Rose chapter in the Canberra Gardener, 9th edition. This will provide information on all aspects of rose growing.

Recommended large-flowered or hybrid tea roses.

These produce an abundance of large double flowers on long stems and most are recurrent.


Avon Large tall-growing dark red rose which holds its colour well, is highly fragrant and best in a warm area.
Christian Dior A top exhibition flower with fragrance and lighter colour on the under-side of petals.
Kardinal This rose has perfect form, is a dual purpose rose, low growing, blooms early, keeps well and repeat flowers quickly.
Mr. Lincoln A dark velvety red rose with upright growth and fragrance. A great full bloom rose. Tall growing.
Olympiad Bright medium red, unfading rose with mostly one bloom per stem.
Papa Meilland Dark red, very fragrant. Watch for mildew in cool weather. Tall growing
Red Cedar A very hardy rose, very good in spring and repeat flowers quickly.
Sir Harry Pilkington A blood red rose with darker edges in spring, fragrant. Very reliable.
Timeless Inside the petals are light red and outside deep pink. A dual purpose tall-growing rose with a light fragrance.
Vital Medium red rose with long stems which keep well. Repeat flowers well.

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Duet A two-toned pink rose which looks like a cluster rose but has larger blooms. It is very reliable.
Esmeralda Two-toned mid pink rose with a deeper colour towards the centre. It is fragrant, tall growing and a very healthy rose.
First Love Soft clear, pink long buds with long stems. It is a tall growing garden or decorative rose with a light fragrance.
Kiss Light salmon pink with long stems and small well-shaped blooms. It is low growing and fragrant.
Maria Callas Vivid bright pink with fragrance which quickly becomes full-blown. Lasts well on the bush.
Mondiale Dark salmon pink fragrant rose which has a cream centre. Tall-growing and trouble-free.
Peter Frankenfeld Dark pink, lightly fragrant, healthy, and reliable in all weathers.
Pink Silk Mid-carmine pink with a high centre, fragrance and many petals. It is a good exhibition flower.
Queen Elizabeth Clear pink, very tall, reliable garden rose for cutting with a light fragrance.
Silver Lining Rose pink tipped with silvery-white base petals. It is a healthy, reliable, fragrant exhibition rose.
Sonia Pale salmon-pink with small long buds. It is fragrant and low-growing.
Sylvia Pale clear pink, with long stems. A tall grower with upright growth, it is also fragrant.


Adolf Horstmann Golden orange-yellow with large peony-like fragrant flowers. It is tall-growing and vigorous.
Diamond Jubilee Buff yellow with a strong fragrance.
Elina Lemon to pale cream fragrant flowers, and is reliable at all stages from bud to full bloom. A tall, vigorous grower.
Frisco Rich yellow buds which are slow to open but last well on the bush and when cut. Low growing.
Grandpa Dickson Unfading pale yellow with good form and fragrance for exhibition, which is at its best in warmer weather.
Golden Gate Intense yellow bloom, a tall grower. Holds its form well, a good cut flower.
Helmut Schmidt Pure yellow, very few thorns and very little fragrance. A low grower.
Our Vanilla Light cream with a green tinge. This is a good cut flower which is best in a warm position. A low grower.
Safari Bronze yellow, medium sized fragrant flowers which hold their form well.
Spirit of Peace Dark apricot cream to buff, very fragrant blooms. A tall vigorous, grower.

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Class Act: White/cream with bright stamens and multi flowered heads like cluster rose. Low growing.
Escimo White flowers which last well on the bush, also a very good cut flower.
Grand Finale Ivory white, high centred fragrant blooms on long stems. Tall growing.
Karen Blixen Large, pure white, well-formed flowers with a strong fragrance.
Pascali White flowers, sometimes tinged with pink in cool weather. It is reli-able, healthy and tall-growing.
Polar Star Creamy white exhibition blooms with a hint of green, which hold their form well. A tall growing healthy plant.
Pristine White fragrant blooms shaded with pink in cool weather. It flowers profusely.
Tineke Pure white, plump pointed buds, best in warm position. Vigorous.

Apricot / Copper

Brandy Fragrant golden apricot rose, golden stamens, glossy mahogany foliage.
Cubana Light apricot, with medium well formed blooms and wavy petals. A good cut flower. Tall growing.
Joyfulness Apricot flushed golden yellow fragrant blooms with long stems. Good repeat flowering characteristics and a tall grower.

Large flowered (cluster flowered) Just Joey

Just Joey Copper orange toned rose with wavy frilled petals and a sweet fra-grance. A tall grower which is a good performer.
Valencia Old-gold, coppery large full-petalled fragrant blooms on long stems. A tall grower.

Large, ruffled, fragrant peachy-apricot blooms. Tall growing, a delight in the garden.

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Alexander Bright vermilion fragrant flowers, which blooms early and has good re-peat flowering. It is a tall-grower.
Corvette Orange red well-formed, long lasting blooms on long strong stems.
Duftwolke (syn. Fragrant Cloud) Well-formed, fragrant coral-orange flowers. Re-liable and likes a dry area.
Laura Orange with gold reverse medium-sized blooms, it is prolific and stands out.


Admiral Rodney Large, very pale mauve flowers with exceptional fragrance.
Blue Moon Lilac lavender fragrant flowers and usually one flower per long stem. A tall grower with sparse foliage.
Charles De Gaulle Has warm lilac, very fragrant, well formed blooms. Dislikes damp conditions and is a low grower.
Paradise Silver lavender bloomed edged with carmine-red and is attractive at all stages. A healthy rose.
Stainless Steel A classic show form with soft lilac fragrant blooms on long stems, which last well. A tall-grower.
Vol De Nuit Deep mauve fragrant flowers with good reflexed petals. Good repeat flowering characteristics.

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Bi/Multi Colour

April Hamer A good Australian raised exhibition rose, this has a pale based fragrant bloom with apricot pink tones.
Baronne E. De Rothschild Deep pink red fragrant full blooms with a white base.
Brigadoon White cream and pink tones and reflexed petals. The fragrant flowers are slow to open and last well.
Chicago Peace Fragrant canary yellow blooms overlaid with copper pink. Best in dry conditions.
Diana Princess of Wales Fragrant white-lemon-apricot-pink blooms. It is a tall-growing, healthy vigorous rose.

Large flowered or hybrid tea rose 'Diana Princess of Wales'

Double Delight Creamy white blooms edged with carmine red with a great fragrance. It fades in the heat.
Folklore Fragrant salmon-apricot blooms with a cream base. It stands out and blooms well in hot weather. A tall grower.
My Choice Very large, fragrant deep pink blooms on a golden yellow base. It is tall growing.
New Era Fragrant yellow blooms overlaid with red, holds its colour well in all conditions.
Princess of Monaco Fragrant ivory flushed clear pink, unfading blooms. It is tall-growing, prolific and reliable.
Royal Dane Fragrant orange-copper blooms with red outer petals. Something a lit-tle different and reliable. A tall grower.


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