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English (David Austin) roses

English rose, Mary Rose


Mary Rose Rose pink flowers with a loose-petalled old rose form.
Radio Times Fresh pink flowers in trusses.
Shropshire Lass A large plant to 3m with pale flesh pink flowers fading to white.
The Countryman Clear rose pink flowers with narrow quilled petals.
Wife of Bath Warm pink flowers paling as they open.

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Bredon Large sprays of perfect rosette style small buff yellow flowers.
Charlotte Soft clear yellow incurved flowers.
Golden Celebration Large cup flowers in rich golden yellow.

English rose Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas Deep golden yellow cup-shaped flowers.
Moulineux Rich yellow flowers.
The Pilgrim Soft pure yellow flowers with many small petals on a flat flower.


Ambridge Rose Apricot pink paling towards outer edges.
Charles Austin Apricot yellow flowers with a heavy petalled cup shape which turn pink with age.
English Garden Typical old rose form in soft apricot yellow.
Evelyn Very fragrant large open shallow cup flowers in apricot-yellow.
Jayne Austin Soft apricot yellow flowers.
Leander A large plant to 3m with deep apricot flowers, may be used as a small climber.
Pat Austin Bright copper cup-shaped flowers with copper yellow on reverse.
Tamora Deep cup-shaped apricot flowers.
William Morris Apricot pink flowers, make a good small climber.
Tradescant Rich wine crimson flowers.
Wise Portia Mauve-pink to purple cupped flowers.

Patio Dwarf Climbers

These are growing in popularity, with canes of just over two metres tall which are ideal to fill a column or arches, or as a climber in smaller gardens. They have masses of dwarf sized clusters, with flowers just slightly larger than genuine miniatures.

Edith Holden Tan brown to orange flowers - ideal for pillar or tripod
Patio Pearl Pink flowers with golden stamens, a prolific healthy small climber
Pillar Box Bright vermillion red flowers which stand out

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Modern Shrub Roses

These are a good choice for a mass of colour over a long time with minimum maintenance. Can also be used as hedges or back drop planting, while still very useful as a specimen feature anywhere in the garden. Most of these plants are very tall and hardy ranging from 1.5 to 2m tall, with a spread of over one metre and should be planted at least 1.2m apart. While some removal of spent heads will help the repeat flowering process, these hardy plants will normally repeat flower quickly without help. Once plants are fully established they should not require any extra support particularly if a number are grown together. Some recommendations are:

Hanza Park Lavender to lilac pink continual flowers, a good hedge at 2m x 1m
Lavender Dream Large clusters of small lavender flowers, golden stamens, 1.5m x 1m
Postillion Fragrant bright yellow clustered flowers, 2m x 1.2m
Red Wand Large clusters of blood red flowers, 2m x 1.2m
Sally Holmes White tinged pink single flowers with golden stamens in large trusses 2m x 1.2m
White Cloud Large snow-white blooms 2.5m x 1.5m

Shrub rose Sally Holmes

Ground Cover Roses

Golden Touch Large, unfading golden yellow flowers with good continuous flowering
Heidesommer Masses of long lasting small trusses of creamy white flowers
Little Chap Very low growing with masses of small bright pink flowers
Mainau Feur Bright velvet red flowers with yellow stamens and reddish tinged foliage
Many Happy Returns Large pale pink flowers
Our Rosy Carpet Rosy pink flowers which is also good as a stem or weeping rose Sum-mer Evening: clear bright red flowers – a genuine wide-spreading ground cover

Miniature Roses

So called because of the size of their flowers, these are very reliable and will fit in almost any garden landscape, large or small. Bushes need to be regularly cut back to solid growth after flowering to encourage the next lot of flowers on new growth. Miniatures make very attractive stem roses, as they are not troubled with the wind as much as other roses, and often come in climbing form. Recommended:

Double Joy Dusty pink fragrant flowers
Figurine White flushed pale pink fragrant flowers
Gidday Buttercup yellow flowers
Green Ice White flowers with a touch of pink, centre develop green hue as florets age
Heartbreaker White to cream base flushed and edged deep pink fragrant flowers
Holy Toledo Apricot-orange flowers with a yellow orange reverse and a touch of red
Jean Kennealy Pale apricot-pink fragrant flowers
Magic Carousel Creamy-white fragrant flowers edged with vivid red, with golden stamens
Minnie Pearl Light pink flowers with pale cream base
Petite Follie Fragrant vermillion flowers with carmine reverse
Red Beauty Deep red fragrant flowers with yellow base
Starina Bright red flowers with gold to yellow reverse.

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Old fashioned, or heritage shrub roses

Old Garden Roses cover such a wide range development over the years that one should look for specialist publications on the subject before purchasing plants. Some of the plants listed here are modern developments with old characteristics.

Buff Beauty A Hybrid Musk Rose, 1939, with fragrant apricot flowers, repeat flower-ing, deeper colour in Autumn, an arching shrub to 1.8m.
Cornelia A Hybrid Musk Rose, 1925, fragrant pale pink flowers with a touch of apricot, repeat flowering, an arching shrub or small climber to 1.8m.
Felicia A Hybrid Musk Rose, 1928, pale pink fragrant flowers in summer re-peating through to autumn, when flowers attain an apricot tinge. An arching shrub or small climber to 1.8m.
Fritz Nobis 1940 Flowers once only but with a wonderful flush of soft pink flowers in early Summer and bright red hips in Autumn. A large shrub or small climber to 1.8m.
Fru Dagmar Hastrup A Rugosa seedling, 1914, suitable for 1m high hedges. Has single pink continuous flowers and crimson hips
Gruss an Aachen 1909 Has fragrant creamy-pale apricot pink blooms which fade to creamy-white. Suitable for small hedges as it will only grow to .5m.
Madame Isaac Pereire Bourbon 188,1with repeat flowering. A large shrub to 2m with deep pink strongly fragrant flowers shaded with magenta. Ideal for pillar trellis
Rosa chinensis Mutabilis Probably introduced to Italy from China in 1894 – a single repeat flowering rose which grows to a large shrub to 1.8m and can be used as a small climber. The plant will exhibit flowers of buff yellow through pink to carmine, all at the same time, and is very spectacular
Penelope Hybrid Musk 1924 A fragrant rose with repeat clustered pale pink flowers fading to white. 1.2m.

Hybrid musk rose, Penelope

Vanity Hybrid Musk, 1920 With large, almost single flowers in vivid cerise. Can be good as a background shrub or as a moderate climber

Climbing/Rambling/Pillar Roses:

Climbing rose Altissimo

Altissimo Clear deep red single flowers, bright yellow stamens, repeat flowering.
Albertine Salmon pink to apricot flowers with deep pink buds, flowers only for about three weeks in late spring.

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Old photo of Albertine on rose swags

Black Boy Dark crimson, repeat flowering.
Blossomtime Two toned pink, repeat flowers.
Crepuscle Apricot to yellow, very few thorns, repeat flowering.
Gold Bunny Soft gold, repeat flowering, a very good performer.
Iceberg Pure white, repeat flowering.
Lorraine Lee Apricot to coral pink, repeat flowering.
Pierre De Ronsard Creamy white flushed pale pink to carmine, repeat flowering.

Climbing rose Pierre de Ronsard

Royal Gold Golden yellow, repeat flowering

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