Of course, we would love you to become a member. However, anyone can enter our Flower Shows if they have forwarded their entries in accordance with the Schedule.

Our website will have a copy of each Show Schedule. On the front page of all our Schedules you will find:

a. the Show date and times;
b. the closing date and time for your entries;
c. the name and email address of the Show Secretary who will accept your entries;
d. a contact name and phone number of another Show Official if you do not have email facilities.

Note: A sample copy of a form is attached, as a guide for sending your entries. Sample Entry Form – Guide Only

Tips: Don’t panic! If you are having trouble with your entries, you can call the Novice Guide or the Show Secretary who will do their best to help you:

Novice Guide: Patsy Dinnen 0400 321698 Patsdas1@bigpond.com
Show Secretary: David Ross 6251 2859 davidross28@bigpond.com

The best time to cut your flowers is early in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures are cooler. This helps prevent wilting and ensures that your flowers last longer. Always cut the stem several inches longer than necessary, to allow for later trimming. Use a clean, sharp knife to make a smooth, even cut. Scissors tend to pinch the ends of the stems and close off the water-conducting vessels.

A Truss is a single flower head, or a cluster of flowers on a single stalk. A Cut is a portion of a plant, with or without its laterals.

As you want your blooms to arrive in peak condition, make sure the container you choose to transport them allows enough space and height to support them. Large plastic milk bottles or soft drink bottles (with the tops cut off) are easy to transport; a bucket or tall glass jars will also work. However, as they must also contain water, you will need to ensure that they are stable while travelling (or you may have a very wet vehicle and damaged blooms when you arrive). If you do not have any suitable containers, you can carefully wrap your stems in wet paper towel and foil and lay them carefully in your car, where they will not roll around. This is not ideal but if you choose to do so, make sure your flowers have had at least one hour in water before you pack them.

The HSOC provides the green two-piece vases which must be used for both specialist and general flowers unless otherwise stated. If you are entering a class that requires a container however, you will need to supply the container/vase for this class.

You will also need to bring:

a. secateurs/scissors, to trim your blooms;
b. paper towels, oasis foam or newspaper to hold/pack your blooms in the vases/containers;
c. Small watering can/jug/bottle to fill your vases;
d. A copy of the entries you have submitted.

Tip: Read your Schedule carefully. Section and sub-section headings often have a note to advise if you can use your own vase/container.

The Show venue is usually open for staging of exhibits from 5.00pm until 10.00pm on the Friday evening before the Show and again from 7.30am until 9.00am on Saturday.

Note: These times may change depending on the venue, so check your Schedule for any changes.

Of course. Novice tables will be set up in the hall for your use and a Novice Guide will be there to help you stage your exhibits.

A standard unit is a vase of one cultivar – Roses for example:

a. 1 exhibition;
b. Three full bloom;
c. a container of floribunda;
d. four stages– bud to full bloom;
e. 3 cuts of miniature;
f. 3 or 5 stems of bunch;
g. 3 cuts of decorative;
h. 3 cuts of old fashioned;
i. heritage or David Austin roses.

However, “standard units” may be different for specific categories of flowers. You will need to check your Show Schedule which will list the details for a standard unit in that particular Show.

Distinct means different cultivars or varieties (e.g. 3 roses in one vase must each be a different cultivar).

NND means Not Necessarily Distinct cultivars (i.e. they can be all the same variety, all different varieties or a combination of same and different varieties).

Cultivar means a specific variety.

Prize Cards are placed on tables as soon as possible after judging has finished. (Judging commences at 10.00am on Saturday). All Prize Cards should be on display for viewing by PM Saturday.

Prize money can be picked up between 10.00am and 2.30pm on Sunday. Prize cards, vases/containers and flowers must remain on the benches until the Show closes on Sunday at 3.15pm, when all exhibitors help pack down and remove their items.

Any assistance you can offer in setting up or packing down the hall would be greatly appreciated. It takes a great deal of effort to stage a Show and we never have enough helpers. This process takes about 2–2.5 hours but it will be time well spent. It will also give you a better understanding of how the Show competition works, with an opportunity to meet loads of new like-minded friends.